About Us

Mission Statement:

"To assist  churches to love God, love others, and love the world."

We Do This By:

1. Strengthening Churches: Promote evangelism and church growth. Provide needed helps and resources to equip church leaders so that they can be more effective in ministry.


2. Promoting Missions: Encourage missions commitment of cooperating churches by creating awareness to mission opportunities, benevolent opportunities, new church starts, and by assisting churches to effectively perform mission ministries.


3. Developing Leadership: Encourage and provide support for developing and improving church leaders in areas of administration, pastoral ministry, Christian education, crises ministries, conflict resolution, personal relations, leadership development, and supervision skills.


4. Nurturing Fellowship: Cultivate cooperation, harmony, and peace among the churches by encouraging church leaders to develop personal relationships; and by also providing opportunities for members of cooperating churches to fellowship with one another.

  July 2021  
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